Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Farmhouse Toddler Bed with Customized Crib Rails

A while back, we had a situation with a small escapee.

V crawled out of her crib and landed with a thud on the floor early one morning. There were no injuries, just lots of upset tears. We crossed our fingers it wouldn't happen again, since we couldn't believe she managed it in the first place, but decided to start casually looking for a good toddler bed, since her crib is not convertible.

When we heard that heart-sinking thud a week later, it was time to get a toddler bed pronto, but after tons of online and in-store searching, we could not find what we wanted.

This wasn't just a matter of finding something we thought was cute. Mainly, we wanted something with crib rails that came fairly close to the end of the bed, leaving just enough room for V to scoot out safely, or for mommy or daddy to sit at the end of the bed for goodnight hugs. But all of the beds we saw had rails that only came about 1/3 of the way down from the head of the bed, and at the time, V was quite the squirmy wormy when sleeping. Checking on her while she was sleeping, we could find her in any corner of the bed, so we were concerned about the bed rails not being long enough to prevent future falling out incidents.

Eventually, we decided to build our own toddler bed, and customize the bed rail plans to be exactly what we wanted. And by we, I mean I picked out my favorite plan, and my husband did all the work. I did hold a few boards in place for him, but credit for this project is 99% him.

We chose the Toddler Farmhouse Bed from ana-white.com, and my husband created his own version of bed rails after looking at the ones on several of her bunk bed plans.

I am so thrilled with the results! This was my husband's first time building furniture of any kind, and  also the first time building anything from one of Ana's plans. He was definitely a little nervous about tackling a project this size, but once he followed the list of cuts (of the various boards) that Ana lists at the beginning of each project, he said the rest was like grown-up legos. Everything went together exactly according to the step-by-step plan we had chosen, with only a few minor adjustments to make sure we had comfortably accommodated our crib mattress' size.

A humble pile of wood in an even humbler basement workroom...

The headboard went together quickly. I provided an extra pair of hands and held a few boards tightly together while my husband glued and nailed everything in place.

In just one evening, this is how far the project had already come. It really came together beautifully.

We couldn't get it up our basement stairs in one piece, so some final steps were accomplished outside, including attaching the rails and then beginning the painting.

We used a paint sprayer for this project, which I think was a good decision, however we have about 50/50 luck with our paint sprayer. It is a pretty cheap one, compared to the price of a good quality sprayer, and despite excessive tweaking and testing, we often have really poor results with it. The finish is often very rough. My husband did a lot of sanding between coats to make sure there would be no rough spots or splinters for little fingers to get scratched.

Here's the finished product, is Miss V's room. She did amazing sleeping in it the first night, and has never fallen out.

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  1. Wow, this turned out amazing! Just imagine the possibilities of what he could build for you??! We moved my two year old to a big boy bed after a successful out of town trip where he slept in a bunk bed ( with a side rail). About a week after the switch( his crib was still in his room...just in case) I went in to check on him before I went to bed and he was sound asleep...in his crib!! We have no idea how he got in there!! Needless to say, we took it down the next day!

    1. Oh no! We'll be putting the new baby in the same room with her at some point. I hope big sister doesn't decide they need a sleepover! :)

  2. Great job! I wouldn't even think of making a toddler bed from scratch, but your post has be kind of wanting to!

  3. It's beautiful! Pinned this! I think my MOPS friends would love this! Join us for Family Fun Friday. Share your posts with 100+ bloggers and 400+ readers. If you have time, please link this at:

  4. Oh what a gorgeous bed. I love the design, so pretty. I host a weekly party called Inspire Me. It will be live Monday evening. I would love for you to link up. www.astrollthrulife.net Hope to see you there, Hugs, Marty